Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Services

Our experience in all areas of the development process ensures that few of the developmental “bumps in the road” will be a surprise to our attorneys.

We have represented nationally known franchisees such as Jack in the Box and Sonic, large national asset managers, Korean grocery store chains, independent shopping center developers, and restaurant owners. Jameson & Powers stays involved from site selection to post-closing, and will assist in due diligence and environmental issues. We can review your loan documents and help you to resolve title and survey problems.

Some of our most interesting bumps in the road, successfully resolved, include:

• Restriction on construction near Austin, Texas, due to the presence of a spider on the endangered species list

• A manager’s complaint regarding the nationality of Santa Claus in a shopping center in Georgia, requiring a new contract with the North Pole contractor

• The client’s contractor encountering a pipe in the middle of a development site that no one claimed, but allegedly provided lights to the entire shopping center

• Locating the owner of an abandoned billboard lease for a sign in the easement for an old railroad track

• A self-styled enforcer of ADA laws who inspected the bathrooms and found them in “violation” because the toilet paper dispensers were two inches too high

• Negotiation for an easement with a state-wide chili cook-off association, which required that the easement be structured so as not lure guests down the wrong road during the cookoff; and

• Review of mining lands subject to claims from Spanish and Mexican land grants in Terlingua, Texas.

If you want to close your transaction, we will get it done!