Outsourced General Counsel

Your small to mid-sized organization’s Legal Department.

The firm works with small to mid-sized companies to provide “relationship-based” services, where we are familiar with your needs and can help anticipate and address legal issues as they arise on a daily or weekly basis. Most importantly, we serve as a clearinghouse for your company’s legal needs, and will use our large network of legal specialists to match your specific needs, so that you don’t have to find and engage a separate attorney for tax questions, litigation, trademark needs, etc.


  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements.


Review and evaluate potential business transactions from a legal perspective.


Reduce legal fees by training in-house paralegals to work with our firm.


Work with others on your executive team to provide legal insight, on a confidential and privileged basis.

Billing for our outsourced general counsel services are best provided via a monthly retainer. We will periodically monitor the retainer with you to ensure that the amount of our time and the cost to you are balanced and customized for your business needs. Our experiences shows that by providing general counsel services to our clients on a retainer basis, the client is more comfortable calling on our attorneys when needed, and we are better able to avoid more costly legal encounters by being aware of ongoing operations. We provide general counsel services to a variety of different businesses, and can help.

If you are interested in our general counsel services, please contact us for a free consultation. After that, if we agree that our representation of your company would be appropriate, we will schedule an preliminary assessment of your company’s legal needs. The approximate cost for such assessment is $300. If a formal engagement letter is entered into after this assessment, the $300 will apply to the first month’s retainer.